ship wars!

I hate ship wars. I think they suck.

“It’s nice to know that not all fans are yaoi shippers in this fandom (not that I’m bashing, but it gets kind of tiring after a while).”

What? What was that? I couldn’t hear you over all the Destiel that has invaded the Supernatural fandom.

Her comment was on a YuGiOh! picture. It doesn’t matter. The notion is the same.

“They are Soulmates, but soulmates does NOT mean they need to be romantic lovers! Even though i love YuGiOh Yaoi Puzzleshipping is on my most hated list because it is a hindrance to i who adore their BROTHERLY love 150%!”

What the fuck is wrong with you? “Most hated list”? It is a hindrance to you? Wow you need to get out more! Or less, I’m not really sure. Anyway why do you have a “most hated list” for shipping? Do you even know what shipping is? It is the restructuring of fictional relationships of fictional characters (ignoring real person fiction because it doesn’t fit this narrative, even though it kind of does) to fit into fan perceptions in a manner which does not necessarily match the canon of the medium from which it originates. You are constructing a “most hated list” for the purposes of (only mentally, I hope) tearing away at others’ pleasures which affect you in no way at all.

Of course being soul mates doesn’t mean they need to be in love with each other romantically, but some of us think it’s adorable, so we choose to view it as such. I happen to think it’s a beautiful relationship, when it’s portrayed with some tact and deftness by a good author, and that actually does not hinder your ability to view their relationship as brotherly, so kindly shut the fuck up and go away please.

Also, I miss Supernatural back when it was a given that Sam and Dean were fucking as opposed to Castiel (who I was always suspicious of and began to actively dislike shortly before I bailed on the show in total, i.e., mid-season 6) and Dean.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that if you don’t like a certain pairing, just ignore it. Ignore the blathering of everyone who likes it. Ignore the people who get up in arms about it, because they’re fucking stupid, too. Fic-tion-al. All of this is make-believe. We can play with our like-minded friends without trying to slam a wrecking ball into the camps set up around us that we think are just awful awful wrong.


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