The Big Bran Hypothesis

Episode two!

So Howard is a hypochondriac. Very Jewish. Way to hit the stereotypes early.

I’m pretty sure Penny is supposed to be witty or funny or something, but every time she speaks I just think that she’s trying to be clever and it’s really not working.

Wait, this is the second time Penny’s been invited over to Leonard and Sheldon’s for to eat takeout that they’ve already got when they invite her over, meaning that they either ordered too much food (given Sheldon’s pathology, I doubt it) or none of them get to eat as much as they would normally (meaning that the whole endeavor reeks of poor planning). I get the friendliness and all, and the fact that Howard wants to bone her, but…someone’s gotta point out that there are better ways to have her over for dinner.

Hey, Selena Gomez has that t-shirt…

The force required is reduced by exactly half only if the angle is exactly 30 degrees, which, given that Leonard was estimating at the time (and it looks like a little more than 30 degrees, I think), I very much doubt. And I’m pretty sure “Ah, gravity. Thou art a heartless bitch” counts as both an unfunny one-liner and sarcasm, meaning it does not fall into Sheldon’s wheelhouse, or perhaps even within a 30-foot radius of Sheldon’s wheelhouse.

It’s a decent attempt at physical comedy, but you can actually see pretty clearly that Sheldon moves his fingers out of the way before the “Ouch my fingers!” joke happens.

Even if she doesn’t sort her breakfast cereal numerically by fiber content, Penny does live like a freaking slob.

Why didn’t Penny ask Sheldon what he meant instead of Leonard? That’s pretty passive aggressive, considering she doesn’t know him well enough by this point to assume she’s not going to understand his response.

It’s not breaking in if you have a key. It’s invasion, perhaps, but no breaking.

Speaking in a low register appears to require a lot of effort and be somewhat uncomfortable; why would Leonard go to the extra trouble of flippantly (re: awkwardly) remarking “Oh, what the hell” instead of just starting to organize in a disgruntled fashion?

“Sick, geeky bastard”? What does geekiness have to do with any of this? The answer is “nothing.” And why didn’t she retrieve her key after they delivered her package, given that they’re not yet good friends and there’s no reason for them to have free access to her apartment?

See, that bit where Penny makes a baffled expression and then walks out without comment is actually pretty good in a minimally understated sort of way. I’m surprised to see remotely deft reaction comedy in this show.

Monologuing is not that hard, but contrary to that reaction comedy thing, Penny’s rant to Raj is a fine example of what a shitty actress Kaley Cuoco is. I wonder who she slept with to land this part after she tanked the first round auditions.

Aha, and we’re laying out the homoerotic subtext early on, too. Great. Great, because that’s really a fine part of this show, not at all frustrating and obnoxious.

Sweden does have a space program, Howard. And I question Penny’s decision to purchase a unit built to accommodate a large, i.e., non-flat screen, TV when she herself owns a flat screen TV.


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