is it that you think i care?

I’m just skimming the dA frontpage because…I’m putting off my editing, I guess, and there are a bunch of nude shots, which happens sometimes. Not the slutty ones that show up every now and again, but like an “artful nude” photoshoot kind of thing. A really amateurish one, but nonetheless.

My question is, people who do that, am I supposed to be wildly interested in your naked body? Because I really am not. It’s like people who take pictures of their hands and black and whites of their silhouettes, I mean, it’s just so juvenile, and there’s a really small population that can get away with doing it even semi-professionally. And even then I don’t like it, because it’s never creative. Same thing with photos of flowers. I don’t care how close up you get to those rose petals, it’s all been done. All of it.

So I know breasts are natural and stuff, and women have them, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of and everything about the human form is beautiful and should be celebrated and blah, blah, blah. I’ve never bought into that. The human form is actually really awkward, if you break it down. Especially noses. And I don’t need to see photos of anything generally covered by underwear. I took Biology in ninth grade, I know what a penis looks like. I don’t want a carefully blurred picture on rumpled white sheets with your face half in shadow. I  don’t.

Every time I see a picture of a naked person, I can’t help thinking of it as some big vanity project. Are you being proud of yourself? Do you have a six pack? Are you accepting your voluptuous hourglass shape for what it is? Well, that’s fine. I’m not interested. It kind of baffles me that anyone would be, but hey, apparently there’s one hell of a market.


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