The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

I’m making chocolate coconut oatmeal.

On to the thing!

God I hate that laugh track. Apparently, it’s actually a studio audience, in which case it’s even worse.

Gates of Elzebub: not a real WoW place. Sword of Azeroth: not a real WoW thing. I guess they could get in some licensing trouble over using real terms or something, but…still…there have to be ways around it to lend the show a little bit of authenticity. I mean, they profess to go so out of their way to make sure all the math and science lines up properly. Although apparently a lot of their information is wrong? Not on the whiteboards, but the dialogue, which I believe. It just sounds to me like a lot of science-y words being strung together to sound…science-y. And I think I might be able to recognize some theories and concepts and such, if they made sense.

Why is it supposedly so funny watching these guys play WoW? Maybe Sheldon going nuts over stealing the sword for himself is funny in a kind of schadenfreude kind of way, and I guess Howard’s rejoinder is a little funny the first time you hear it if you can’t see it coming (which I did), but just watching a bunch of nerds sit around playing a video game… I’ve done that, the enjoyment factor is limited.

That making out that Penny and Doug are doing doesn’t look very heated or spontaneous, so I wonder why they couldn’t wait until they got into her apartment.

Why hasn’t Howard gotten into more woman trouble in his life? He’s disgusting.

I’m a little confused by Sheldon’s use of terms like “geek mountain.” That sounds kind of sarcastic, or at least hyperbolic. It’s explained several times that he doesn’t understand the concept of sarcasm, which means he doesn’t understand it at all (not just when it’s used by others), so what’s with that? As he’s probably the funniest part of the entire show, I wonder why they don’t give him more consistency.

Sheldon. Women shave their legs for other reasons than “sexual availability.” Stop it.

Hey Leonard, I’m pretty sure that laser blast was more than two seconds long. Also, why does this show focus so much on Sandra Bullock? I have never liked her or her movies. And Hugh Grant is never funny, or whatever he’s trying to do.

I’m kind of frustrated that Leslie Winkle was written out of the show because Chuck Lorre doesn’t know how strong, independent females can be a thing.

So do Howard and Raj just hang out with Sheldon because they like to fuck with him? That’s really mean. They’re kind of assholes.

“The Earth didn’t move”? God, that was dumb.

So when Leonard is moping, he fixates on cats. When Sheldon feels his life has lost all meaning, he purchases a lot of cats. I’m sensing a theme here.

Newton is a terrible name for a cat.

Go Sheldon logic! And this one even makes sense. Leonard did not ask Penny out, ergo she did not reject him. I even support his subsequent point being something other than “Leonard should go ask Penny out,” because she’s dumb as a post and frankly not that attractive.

I need to take a second to point out the flaw in your argument. “Talk about things we have in common”: You have nothing in common. Nothing. Not a thing. Except that you both like Penny a whole lot. That’s a shitty foundation for a relationship.

Why would she come over and take care of Leonard if she found out he was sick? She’s supposed to have a life or something, and they haven’t know each other that long. I would imagine she’d want to stay away from the sick guy across the hall.

You think Penny knows what “internal logical consistency” means? Because I kind of doubt that she knows what it means.

“I’ll get her back,” Leonard, for goodness’ sake, she’s a person. I think you’re dooming yourself to mediocre service at this dinner here.

So how many weekends has Penny spent having sex and otherwise messing around for 36 hours? That’s so tacky. And there, he starts explaining a concept of physics and you can just see her zoning out. She has pretty much no interest in learning. They’re opposites.

Why is Leonard so fixated on having a relationship with Penny? Proximity? The fact that she’s not a scientist? It makes no sense at all. Oh, wait, I got it: the foundation for a television show. There it is.


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