TBBT character tics

Having seen every episode of The Big Bang Theory, I’ve noticed that the actors have developed certain tics for their characters since the beginning of the show. Most of them are really, really grating.

Penny: smug superiority complex (it’s evident in her tone; even though she’s extremely stupid compared to the guys, she thinks she’s better than they are because she knows pop culture and is better at interacting with others, so she’s replaced her “I don’t understand” blank smile with an “I’m still better than you” arrogance); overuse of things the guys have “taught” her (which I doubt she actually understands) to try to impress other guys who she’s trying to sleep with (because that’s all anyone wants in this show, ever [except Sheldon]) (oops, that’s a character flaw); and this one isn’t so much a character tic as an actor…lack of skill, but Kaley Cuoco is terrible at monologuing (especially in “The Big Bran Hypothesis” [re: “You know, where I come from, someone comes into your house at night, you shoot, okay? And you don’t shoot to wound. I mean, alright, my sister shot her husband, but it was an accident, they were drunk. What was I saying?”] and “The Bat Jar Conjecture” [re: “I’m Penny, and I’ll be your host, because apparently I didn’t have anything else to do on a Saturday afternoon, and isn’t that just a little sad.”])

Leonard: tips his head up when he’s making a point (to be fair, he’s always done this, but I’ve never liked it; it’s like arrogance, but he generally does it when he’s uncertain about what he’s saying); he also has started doing the same breathy laughing words thing Howard does (albeit much less frequently), although I think in this case it’s supposed to be indicative of increased comfort in social situations, as opposed to…whatever Howard’s reason is

Sheldon: Jim Parsons seems to be getting bored with the show in general, or possibly with the direction his character is heading; I don’t know if this is intentional, but it sure makes Sheldon less interesting to watch

Howard: rarely (if ever) makes it through an entire sentence without starting a word or two with a breathy kind of laughing thing (it’s like he constantly has asthma and it makes me want to pound him on the back)

Raj: he frequently adopts a very “cute” expression when he can’t talk to women, and I know that if I were to be faced with such a thing, I would find it very awkward and immediately be done with him (not just because he couldn’t talk to me sans alcohol) (well, not any more, I guess; btw that’s a really terrible character development)

Bernadette: I…can’t think of any for her; she’s been pretty much the same since she and Howard started dating

Amy: everything ever


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