musou dairinin

Every time someone says Paranoia Agent is boring or a bad anime or something like that, I think they must be stupid.

I don’t mean in the sense that they’re wrong for having a different opinion from my own (i.e., that the show is wonderful). I mean that they didn’t understand it because it’s too cerebral and nuanced for them. I.e., they didn’t get it because they aren’t smart enough.

I.e., they’re stupid.

I have very high standards for intelligence, apparently.

I just read this review (well, I didn’t read all of it, because it was really long and I didn’t care that much, and the guy didn’t seem to care for the show particularly) wherein this dude is pointing out what he perceives to be the pros and cons of the series; being that I didn’t actually read it too closely, all I can say for sure is that he didn’t like it because it’s not character-driven enough for him. That is, it’s too episodic without central characters to follow and connect to emotionally.

He’s full of shit, I think. Tsukiko, Ikari, and Maniwa are in almost every episode, and they definitely experience development and growth. And personally I found it very easy to connect to the other characters, even though they only appeared briefly (in comparison). “Happy Family Planning,” for instance; those characters are only in that one episode, but I really got a feel for all of them. It’s called “good storytelling.” For goodness sake, the series is only 13 episodes long, it’s not like there’s tons of time for this kind of thing.

Every once in a while, there is something that I get very protective and defensive about, even though it is a matter of preference and I understand that not everyone shares my opinion. Paranoia Agent is one of those things.

You’d better like it, or you’re stupid.


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