semicolon name changer

I was channel surfing or something the other day; I wasn’t even really, I just passed by channel 502, or the television was on that channel when I turned it on or something, and Elementary was on, and the only word I heard before I changed the channel was “Watson,” but it was Jonny Lee Miller talking to Lucy Liu and it freaked me the fuck out and now I know I’ll never ever be able to watch Elementary.

I don’t think I’d like that it’s set in New York, for one thing, or that Sherlock is a recovering addict, for another, but I wasn’t expecting to have such an intense and reflexive negative reaction to Watson being a woman. Fortunately for CBS, that appears to be working out well for most people, but I simply cannot handle it. It was like cosplay, I couldn’t take it seriously. Obviously it’s trying to latch on to the whole female empowerment craze that seems to be present in places, and all I can think is “No, Watson is a man. No. Stop it. Stop being wrong.”


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