GoT is stupid

So I post a page from “Love You Only” to tumblr, right, and I source it to the Livejournal page from which I downloaded it (and requested it, but nobody needs to know that that’s me), and it understandably gets a little bit of traction (hi there, “Love You Only,” duh).

Aaaand tsunderecafe, aka Kat, reblogs it with the addition “Ahh where can I find this doujin HELP I WANT,” to which I’m like “Okay, I guess that’s a little understandable, although my first instinct would have been to go to the source and see if it was there I suppose I can…understand why you wouldn’t? Not really but it’s okay.” And then I see that the-original-antlerbrows has reposted as well with the comment “I was able to find the Japanese version, but not the translated one. ;+;”

JFC, guys! I linked it in the original post! Does no one know what a little detective work is any more? I gave you the answer! I gave it to you! Right there! I mean, I can understand not knowing about the Google images search that’s going to destroy the world if it becomes too finessed and too popular, I mean I didn’t know about it until very recently, but…I gave you the answer!


Out of my own kindness, I went back to the original post and added a link directly to the page with the file download… I wonder if any of them will think to check.


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