un deux trois

I found something about tumblr that really bugs me. And it’s not people being too dense to check the source of a post for a copy of the doujinshi sampled in the post.

It’s people posting responses to a question that has already been answered. This kid, Michelle, who runs the blog puzzleshippingfanclub, asked for the source of a screencap, and I did a little digging (thank you Google Images) and found that it was from episode 128. I responded to her question (not that she answered my response, although I wouldn’t really expect as much), then a bunch of people over the course of days proceeded to Like the post and so on, but I noticed that a few more were answering the question again. Correctly, mind you, but still. It’s like guys, it’s okay, I got this. Back the fuck off.

Also at one point she asked for the translations of a couple pages of some doujinshi and said she would Follow whoever gave the English version, and I mean I don’t want her to follow me, necessarily, but I posted the translation and got absolutely no response whatsoever. Hi there, you’re welcome. She’s 12 years old, so I guess I kind of get it, and maybe this is a blogging thing I’m just going to have to get used to (I did a similar translation for the blog green-x-red-ftw and got no response there either), but…still. This kind of thing always makes me think about the decline of human decency. Like just because this is all on the Internet, and anonymous, we don’t have feelings? I know I’d appreciate a little recognition for my efforts. It’s not like this shit doesn’t take time.

Also, I am a little bit concerned:

“Guys, this is clearly a sign that I should become the next Van Gough” -jadeneffinyuki, aka Caitlin

Has four notes. None of them are “It’s ‘van Gogh.'” Not a one.


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