elevator capacity

So PushingUpRoses posted this video about some old game called “Sanitarium,” and, you know, that’s nice and all, it’s some kind of like, psychologically twisted thriller thing that she really likes, and in her review she expresses that her father died brutally in front of her (I don’t know what that means, exactly), and she’s pretty damaged, and the game profoundly speaks to her on a deep level, which is fine, and good for her for being able to open up about her issues, but I just could not take the review seriously.

Her delivery is super, super wooden. Not monotonous, but like, bad actress emotionless. I mean it’s just awful. She doesn’t sound engaged in the slightest and it definitely doesn’t make me want to play the game or anything. And then she pulls this shit with trying to make the video look like a horror movie or something, splicing in instants of video footage of herself doing the review with crazy makeup and a goth punk wig on that make it look like she’s in the middle of a magical girl transformation. And in the beginning there’s a jump cut to some traditional horror imagery, and the whole time I’m just like “Yeah, okay, yawn. Very poser-lite.”

But of course I can’t say any of that because the emotional content of the video is so pure, and she’s putting herself out there by talking about her dark past or whatever. What is this bullshit, if you put enough weepy emo sob-story into a piece of art, it doesn’t matter how shitty the presentation is? God, that’s dumb.


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