the scenery you see

I don’t want my tumblr to gain any sort of political or religious affiliation, but I really like this argument and want to be able to cite it (also remember it) for future use:

Also it’s kind of pissing me off how WordPress doesn’t let me edit HTML when I post initially.

Also I really like having a tumblr, I can post whateeeeever the fuck I want and it is alllllll tailored specifically to my interests. No GoT or Dr. Who or Star Trek or Elementary or Homestuck bullshit here, bitches. OMG and nooooo fucking Hannibal! Dear Anthony Hopkins, you are the only Hannibal Lecter for me. None of this television serialization bullshit.

Except a lot of people have these little descriptions of their blogs in the sidebar, and it’s stuff like “Hi my name is Trudy and I’m a fangirl! And you’ll find lots of N, C, Q, R, 17, 41, G fandom stuff here, plus I’m really into kawaii! And this blog sometimes has NSFW pics, sooo, be careful.” And I just wanna be like “No Homestuck. Nothing NSFW. Lots of pics. Some music. Lots of reblogs. No Homestuck. Pokémon. Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Attorney. Other shit. No Homestuck.” But I really don’t want to post anything about myself at all because…it’s just a blog of things I like, it’s not someone else’s window into my soul. Really it isn’t, if anything it’s like a view through the door of my soul’s lighter half. It’s quite deceptive.


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