blossom pink

I just had a thought…

So we’re all getting our short stories (or in some cases novel excerpts, in which case dude, what the fuck, where’s your cover page explaining that this is not a stand-alone story) and one thing eeeeeveryone starts getting on my case about is the use of contractions in the dialogue but not the narrative.

Do you people know how badly I could be tearing your grammar to shreds? Little tiny pieces. I could be incinerating your grammar. But we’re dealing in content here, so I don’t.

Also, wait one goddam minute, Tara said that the other kids’ action struck her as “more middle school,” less like something high school kids would do.

I specifically described the incident as taking place four years ago, when they were in fifth grade. I.e., middle school.

Learn to fucking pay attention.

You all suck.


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