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You know something I don’t understand is why people, in their various online profiles and such, so frequently feel the need to express their sexual orientation. I mean what is it, are you hoping to be hit on by the preferred gender? “If I make sure to tell them all I’m gay, deviantArt will surely find me a girlfriend! Huzzah!”

Um, no. The world doesn’t work quite like that.

And if it does, it really shouldn’t.

I mean I understand if a person’s orientation is a key part of their identity, or like if all their tumblr posts are about gay rights or bisexual acceptance or heteronormativity or whatever, then it’s kind of important and I suspect that the people who would be interested in such a blog in the first place would kind of want to know, but otherwise who gives a shit? And honestly, if who you like to fuck is such an important part of your personality, maybe you need to reevaluate some life choices you’ve made in the past.


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