As I make effort to design these new characters, I was thinking about this one time in that ridiculous Magic and whatever class I took at BMC that was secretly a classics course that I had no business being in. In any case, the thing I was thinking about was this one day that I was sitting kind of in the back, next to Katie Noise, I think her name was, or something like that, and I was doodling in my notes, like you do. Well, I was doodling Winx Club-type girls, so, you know, very very thin, and Katie is (or was, and I really don’t have any reason to think she’s changed by now) rather a hefty girl; not obese or anything, but decidedly fat, and she was looking at my doodles (in the earlier days of my mimicking the style, so, well, good drawings but not very good, and probably a little too thin even by Iginio Straffi’s standards) with the most incredulous and even disdainful expression on her face.

Now, I got to know Katie a little better over the next three years; certainly better than I wanted to, as I had no particular interest in her (she was definitely a “butch” lesbian, not to mention very vocal about it and a little bit vulgar, and of course that’s not at all my type at all), but our paths crossed a few times, and I never really cottoned to her more than I had initially (that is, not much), but I can’t help thinking that she’s one of those sort who says one thing but means your mother another. The type who fervently advocates free speech and freedom of expression, but very much decries any sort of free speech or expression which contradicts her own world views. Such as my drawings of very skinny girls, which I suspect defied her notions of “every girl is beautiful regardless of her weight and appearance and the current social stereotype of the ‘pretty thin girl.'”

I don’t like people like that. It doesn’t work that way. Either you say you’re accepting of everyone and every world view, or you admit that you have some biases and your own stereotypes and you are judgmental of people who fit into or defy them. I know I certainly belong to the latter category and I freely admit that. I try to be accepting and accommodating, but I also want to customize my own world to fit my own tastes, and certain types don’t fit into that. Such as the butch super-lesbian. For instance.


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