daidouji tomoyo

1. I like “Pretty Little Liars.” The TV show, not the books. I’ve never read the books. But I like the show; I watch it regularly and I enjoy new episodes coming out. I’m even considering going back to S1 and watching all the ones that aired before I got into it.

2. I like Aria and Ezra as a couple. I do. I have a little bit of an age fetish; not a huge gap, but like…seven or eight years. I think it’s very sweet. Not in real life; in real life, I’m too suspicious. But in fiction, it can be one of my favorite things in romance, if it’s tasteful.

I just wanted to get that out there. Emily is really uncomfortable with the pairing, or at least she was glad when they broke up because it was super weird and inappropriate, but I actually want them to get back together.



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