I hate it when people get up in arms about things they’re passionate about.

That sounds weird. I don’t mean that I hate it when people fight for causes near and dear to them.

Let me explain.

I’ve been looking up a lot of recipes (like I do) (it’s summer and it’s fucking hot and most of my recipes require an oven, but I don’t wanna) and some of them have been raw, and so I’m thinking about raw foodists (that’s a thing, look it up), and I’m also thinking about just plain old vegetarians (and vegans, a little). And I’m thinking about how goddamn defensive some of them can get.

I am a vegetarian. I am a specific type of vegetarian called a pescatarian, which means I eat fish but no other animals. Many people would say that disqualifies me from being a vegetarian since a fish is an animal, and to them I say fuck you. Vegetarianism is not like being black or being gay. Or being black and gay. You’re not part of a group that’s faced a history of discrimination and hardship, been denied basic human rights and decency based on something inherent and unchanging about you, been tortured and killed for nothing but being who you are. You aren’t an abused cow. You eat vegetables. That’s super. We’re all proud of you. If only we could all be more like you.

But don’t get all up in my grill for identifying as one of you. I like fish. It’s healthy. I also like vegetables and I don’t eat turkey or beef or pig or whatever’s in a hot dog. I know fish can be treated poorly too, and I know their farming is not always done well, but, no, shut up a second, I’m not being a hypocrite because humaneness is not my reason for not eating meat. Health is. “Humans don’t need to eat other animals to survive,” well, no shit, but we also don’t need to eat chocolate or caramel or drive to work or watch TV and we do it anyway. Because we like it. (Maybe not driving to work. Shut up.)

Kind of like gay marriage, does it hurt you in any way that I call myself vegetarian? And vegans, does it hurt you if someone calls himself a vegan but still eats honey? Answer: no. No it doesn’t. It has nothing to do with you. Chances are you wouldn’t even know if someone hadn’t brought it up. Sooo sit down and shut up, and remember: No one cares what you think. About this issue. This issue specifically.


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