now you don’t

I’m seriously unhappy with Roberta Solomon right now.

To be clear, this is the woman who’s supposed to be coordinating my field placement, i.e., finding me a place in the field to do my practicum work for social work school.

My first placement interview: they rejected me.

My second placement: did not have an interview because the education coordinator is on vacation.

The latter is the root of my displeasure with Professor Solomon. Particularly, she told me that she was trying to hook me up with them about three weeks ago, so I spent three weeks not hearing from them and also having no way to get in touch with them myself, because every time I asked Professor Solomon if I should do so, she gave me no information and told me either nothing or that she’d get in touch with her contact again.

My questions are the following: Did she email this contact? If so, why didn’t she receive an automated message that the contact is on vacation? If not, why the fuck not? Did she call this contact? If so, why didn’t she receive an automated message that the contact is on vacation? If not, why the fuck not? Did she contact anyone else in the office, and I mean anyone else, who could have informed her that the contact is on vacation? Why the fuck not?

Oh my god woman what the fucking hell is wrong with you.

Then she emails me this placement that I am 8000% unqualified and unsuited for, and I tell her that (with Dad’s blessing, of course, because…I need some backup here), and she gets back to me basically telling me that the first year placement isn’t for something you want to follow for the rest of your career but just for experience (yes I know that I’m not stupid), and here are the three placements we have left and which one are you most interested in?

I get the sense that she’s getting a little fed up with me, and my response can be boiled down to “It is in every single way your fault that this has dragged on so long because you didn’t find out that the education coordinator was on vacation and refused every time I suggested getting in touch with a different organization, and also refused to give me the contact information with which I might have been able to find out and tell you that this contact is on vacation.” And now she has the gall to get frustrated with me for turning down a placement that I know I would hate and totally suck at.

Jesus fucking christ, this woman…

ETA: Third placement: they rejected me. Again. God dammit, this program…

ETA: I’ve been switched to Professor Luce for some reason and now I have an internship (yay) at the NYU Dental School (not yay). It sounds reeeally boring and annoying.


golden days

Guess where his other hand is.

It’s on the small of Yugi’s back, you dumbfuck. It’s in the picture. You can see it. Right there.

April 15, 2010 – 3:12 pm Ana

“I made this today. It was good, but not great..
“The flavor of the nut did not come out when you ate it.. It seems that adding it was a waste of an ingredient.. I also had to add more liquid :/
“I’ve made and eaten better tomato based spaghetti sauces before.. but over all it was good :]
“I give it 3 out of 5 stars”

You don’t add cashews to vegan recipes to make them taste like cashews, you dumbfuck. You add them to increase the creaminess without adding actual cream. Raw cashews hardly taste like anything anyway, what did you think would happen when you put them through a food processor? And why on Earth would you want a tomato sauce that tasted like cashew nuts? Dumbfuck.

canned pumpkin in august

July 18, 2013

I don’t really know how to react to this.

Some Anon apparently messaged the blog runner: “Have you always been a chick? I mean, I don’t want to offend you, but, you were born a man, weren’t you? You can tell me, I’m open minded”

To which the blog runner replied in a public post: “Nah man, you got it all wrong. I was born half man, half woman, half bear pig. Silly anon, get your shit together.

“p.s. – kill yourself.”

And 11 people “liked” it, but no one seems to have pointed out that the original comment is a quote from “The Otto Show.” I mean, granted, I had to look up the episode, but I immediately identified it as an Otto quote.

The blog is called “My Simpsons Blog > Yours” so I would assume that the blogger is a pretty big fan. For goodness’ sake, s/he doesn’t just have favorite episodes but also favorite showrunners. And has devoted an awful lot of time to making Simpsons gifs.


I would point it out, maybe, except I don’t want this garbage on my blog and I’m not sure no one gets the joke.

I don’t think I’ll ever visit that blog again, though. Even for gifs. I’ll get them elsewhere if I want them. sandandglass does better ones anyway.

Unrelated side note: I hate the sound of chewing. I hate it so much.


Note to self: Don’t bring up Bongo Bongo to Dad anymore. He just gets all pissy. Not that that isn’t a laudable goal and all, but it’s all pissy with a side of “You almost died and I took this video game way too seriously.

Jeez, man, get over it.

Side note: I assembled some breakfast cookie dough for a snack this evening, but I ended up not eating it so now I have breakfast for tomorrow. Score one.

mirror’s edge

So I want to post some new fandoms on my tumblr, because frankly I’m getting a little bit sick of the YuGiOh crowd (although I still like Puzzleshipping…nngh) and the girl who runs green-x-red-ftw is going a little bit crazy in an obnoxious kind of way, but when I went to the Code Lyoko tag, there was so much negativity and so many posts devoted to proclaiming that people should ignore the negativity, and also so many posts lauding Code Lyoko Evolution, that I had to leave.

Great, now I need new fandoms.

Maybe I’ll put up one of my Digimon posts today.

ETA: The Puzzleshipping fandom has gone batshit crazy over whether the ship is canon, I think? They’ve definitely gone crazy, and I think that’s why. Or so I’ve been able to ascertain from a few response posts telling everyone basically to chill the fuck out, which I would appreciate.

This is a great example of why I take these people’s posts but try not to initiate interaction with them. This and the whole “no please don’t give me credit for translating this for you” issue from before. I don’t do that anymore.

murder 2

I find it a little bit funny (weird, not humorous) that the most popular posts on my tumblr are easily my YuGiOh posts when YuGiOh is perhaps the fandom I’m least interested in, of all the ones I post about.


Go figure.