mirror’s edge

So I want to post some new fandoms on my tumblr, because frankly I’m getting a little bit sick of the YuGiOh crowd (although I still like Puzzleshipping…nngh) and the girl who runs green-x-red-ftw is going a little bit crazy in an obnoxious kind of way, but when I went to the Code Lyoko tag, there was so much negativity and so many posts devoted to proclaiming that people should ignore the negativity, and also so many posts lauding Code Lyoko Evolution, that I had to leave.

Great, now I need new fandoms.

Maybe I’ll put up one of my Digimon posts today.

ETA: The Puzzleshipping fandom has gone batshit crazy over whether the ship is canon, I think? They’ve definitely gone crazy, and I think that’s why. Or so I’ve been able to ascertain from a few response posts telling everyone basically to chill the fuck out, which I would appreciate.

This is a great example of why I take these people’s posts but try not to initiate interaction with them. This and the whole “no please don’t give me credit for translating this for you” issue from before. I don’t do that anymore.


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