canned pumpkin in august

July 18, 2013

I don’t really know how to react to this.

Some Anon apparently messaged the blog runner: “Have you always been a chick? I mean, I don’t want to offend you, but, you were born a man, weren’t you? You can tell me, I’m open minded”

To which the blog runner replied in a public post: “Nah man, you got it all wrong. I was born half man, half woman, half bear pig. Silly anon, get your shit together.

“p.s. – kill yourself.”

And 11 people “liked” it, but no one seems to have pointed out that the original comment is a quote from “The Otto Show.” I mean, granted, I had to look up the episode, but I immediately identified it as an Otto quote.

The blog is called “My Simpsons Blog > Yours” so I would assume that the blogger is a pretty big fan. For goodness’ sake, s/he doesn’t just have favorite episodes but also favorite showrunners. And has devoted an awful lot of time to making Simpsons gifs.


I would point it out, maybe, except I don’t want this garbage on my blog and I’m not sure no one gets the joke.

I don’t think I’ll ever visit that blog again, though. Even for gifs. I’ll get them elsewhere if I want them. sandandglass does better ones anyway.

Unrelated side note: I hate the sound of chewing. I hate it so much.


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