golden days

Guess where his other hand is.

It’s on the small of Yugi’s back, you dumbfuck. It’s in the picture. You can see it. Right there.

April 15, 2010 – 3:12 pm Ana

“I made this today. It was good, but not great..
“The flavor of the nut did not come out when you ate it.. It seems that adding it was a waste of an ingredient.. I also had to add more liquid :/
“I’ve made and eaten better tomato based spaghetti sauces before.. but over all it was good :]
“I give it 3 out of 5 stars”

You don’t add cashews to vegan recipes to make them taste like cashews, you dumbfuck. You add them to increase the creaminess without adding actual cream. Raw cashews hardly taste like anything anyway, what did you think would happen when you put them through a food processor? And why on Earth would you want a tomato sauce that tasted like cashew nuts? Dumbfuck.


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