red red rose

I was in Social Work Practice I yesterday, and we broke into small groups to talk about among other things the divide between micro and macro social work practice (people helping individuals vs. people trying to change the system), and we were basically in agreement that both are necessary, and Lisa brought up the difference in stigma between saying one is visiting a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist and saying one is visiting a social worker, and I brought up that there’s stigma attached to that, too, ambling around to this quote:

“That’s social worker talk for ‘I’m poor!'”

I may have vaguely cited it as the sort of thing some young children say when they have to get help from social workers.

Lisa and Symone were really surprised but also really interested. Lisa said it was something she’d never thought of before.

Simpsons for the win.

Never say television doesn’t teach you things.


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