I have a thing I need to get off my chest.

Puzzleshipping has not been proven in the series. I don’t think there are any canonical pairings in Yu-Gi-Oh! The fodder is plentiful, to be sure, but there is no proof.

Those things are not proof.

Also people on tumblr need to learn what “Explicit Content” means. I don’t think they all get it.

Two things.


your knife

I’m actually a little bit concerned by how much I wish Pokemon were real. I mean I really wish they were real. I want to get a starter pokemon and travel around the world relying on the kindness of strangers in strange towns as I train my pokemon to be the best like no one ever was and compete in tournaments (maybe not) and collect new pokemon friends and just generally have a much better life than the one I have right now.

Does that not sound awesome.

That sounds awesome.


I was waiting for 7 hours at the hospital and was bored. Then I remembered that I had brought along my sketchbook so started drawing. Pokemon Y and my lovely Espeon (lvl 100 ♥) had a huge influene.

This is also secretly puzzleshipping for my espeon is named Yuugi and my Umbreon Yami~

1. Your drawing is shitty. Not that that precludes your right to post it online, I’m just saying. It’s not quality art.

2. Don’t post Pokemon art with a Puzzleshipping tag. This is not Puzzleshipping. I don’t care about your pokemon’s nicknames, this is not Puzzleshipping. There’s no such thing as “secretly puzzleshipping.” It is or it isn’t. This isn’t.

Pettiness quotient for the day: filled.

that’s queen bitch to you

JFC we just had a five minute break and Lisa comes back into the room reeking of cigarette smoke. I mean reeking. There are two desks between us and I am gagging.

Well, no I’m not, not really, but I am getting a headache.

Oh god the lecturer just did air quotes as she said “quote unquote.”



God woman stop it.

She reminds me of some actress but at the moment I can’t think of who.

ETA: Lisa came to class a few minutes late (who’s surprised? Not I) again and I have a gripping headache right away. Oh my god. Oh my god. Do you even know what proper decorum is. Do you know how to be considerate to other people at all. Put an air freshener around your neck or something,

Now my front teeth hurt.

I’m blaming her. Because I can.

ETA: A female Tim DeKay. That’s it.

reply all

You know what’s a little frustrating? Now that I’m such an addicted fan of Katie’s vegan ice “cream,” it bothers me to see other vegan ice “cream” recipes claiming to be the very best. Especially when the ice cream part is just powerfully blended bananas. Similar texture, I know (I’ve done it), but it does not taste like ice cream. Not even a little bit.

I’m looking at you, thisrawesomeveganlife. Emily. Whatever your handle is.

Bananas =/= ice cream.

parade 1

Whenever I need an ego boost, I just have to make a YuGiOh post on tumblr. Bam, done.

I auto-posted this thing at 8:00, it’s 10:05 and there are 35 notes.

I know it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, or compared to someone who’s actually tumblr famous, but it sure is a lot for me.

Everyone in this class can just bite me.

Human Behavior.


ETA: drawerelma liked your photosetyami yugi typhlosion


medicinal marijuana

You know what I realized today really pisses me off? When someone says “Hey, I have that shirt/those pants/those shoes/that scarf/etc.” Is that supposed to be a compliment? That we share a fashion sense, or part of one? If you like it, tell me you like it. I’m assuming you like it because you just told me you own it. If you don’t like it, why do you own it, and are you judging me for still wearing old fashions or something?

If it’s not supposed to be a compliment, and it’s not supposed to be a petty judgment, then…what is it? “The conversation got a little boring there for a minute when we stopped talking about me, but I shut you down by looking disinterested.” Oh fabulous. I’m so glad we’re chatting like this. I really feel like I’m getting closer to you on a personal level.

Are you trying to connect us on a more personal level? Because if that’s it, geez, that’s a pretty shallow level.