I am feeling physically ill due to my workplace.

No asbestos in the air here, my friends. Just a huge clash in personality.

I swear to god. Alyson is the most uninspiring boss I may have ever had. Nothing about her makes me want to work harder, or even especially hard to begin with. I feel like she’s constantly on the verge of falling asleep.

I have a stomachache. For real, I have a stomachache. Brought on by working here in this environment.

I hate my life.

ETA: I was at NWS the other day for the XY launch and I can no longer bring myself to introduce myself as “Allison.” I did it once (hi Michael) and it made me so uncomfortable. The second time was Anna. But I think I’ll be okay if I stick with that from now on…and if Allison comes up again, um… I can live with it, maybe? Pretty Little Liars to the rescue!


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