that’s queen bitch to you

JFC we just had a five minute break and Lisa comes back into the room reeking of cigarette smoke. I mean reeking. There are two desks between us and I am gagging.

Well, no I’m not, not really, but I am getting a headache.

Oh god the lecturer just did air quotes as she said “quote unquote.”



God woman stop it.

She reminds me of some actress but at the moment I can’t think of who.

ETA: Lisa came to class a few minutes late (who’s surprised? Not I) again and I have a gripping headache right away. Oh my god. Oh my god. Do you even know what proper decorum is. Do you know how to be considerate to other people at all. Put an air freshener around your neck or something,

Now my front teeth hurt.

I’m blaming her. Because I can.

ETA: A female Tim DeKay. That’s it.


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