I was waiting for 7 hours at the hospital and was bored. Then I remembered that I had brought along my sketchbook so started drawing. Pokemon Y and my lovely Espeon (lvl 100 ♥) had a huge influene.

This is also secretly puzzleshipping for my espeon is named Yuugi and my Umbreon Yami~

1. Your drawing is shitty. Not that that precludes your right to post it online, I’m just saying. It’s not quality art.

2. Don’t post Pokemon art with a Puzzleshipping tag. This is not Puzzleshipping. I don’t care about your pokemon’s nicknames, this is not Puzzleshipping. There’s no such thing as “secretly puzzleshipping.” It is or it isn’t. This isn’t.

Pettiness quotient for the day: filled.


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