just shut your mouth

sandandglass makes some pretty good gifs, but the more I look at his text posts recently, the more he seems like a pretty obnoxious guy. Or at least really annoying to be around; I mean sure, he keeps on top of international politics (like a law major), which is a nice way to get information (sometimes), but a lot of the time his presentation is kind of annoying. Or if not annoying, at least a little arrogant, which I never like. Plus he likes “Family Guy” and “2 Broke Girls.” And that stupid, stupid mockumentary, “Ja’mie: Private School Girl,” which I’m sure is at least a little bit funny but the gifs are really annoying. He’s so…I don’t know, self-righteous? I know the obvious solution is to stop following him, but as I said, sometimes his content is pretty good. Sometimes.

Oh, also, the other day he posts a screencap of his “Activity” graph and it goes up to like 300,000 and he’s like “Wow you guys sure like reblogging stuff” and I’m like “Wait a minute… It just occurs to me that 98.247% of your original content is stupid, meaning that the reason I follow you, i.e., your gifs, is that you’re good at recycling other people’s comedy.

“Also you sound like kind of a whiny douche a lot of the time.”

ETA: I unfollowed him. Why not. Besides, now I follow fyspringfield, so I’m getting a lot more (and a lot better, frankly) Simpsons screencaps and gifs.


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