do you even know how to pretend to pay attention

writewolf90 wrote:


I’m actually a lot more disappointed with the amount of reviews and response I have received on since returning. This is a personal project for me in my writing aspirations. It’s step number one in getting my talent and my skill up and I really expected to be received a little better. I’m very happy with a lot of what I have turned out in the last two months but if the people don’t back me up, am I as successful as I think I am at this?

Have you ever used FanFiction.Net before? Have you ever used the Internet before? You posted this story on October 16 and you have 18 reviews. And that’s even with lines like:

I gasp at his introduction. Prince? No, he must be confused?

Are you Internet famous? No? Didn’t think so. You are lucky to get reviews in the double digits for three chapters of your silly little story.


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