performance in a leading role

Yesterday Mom and I went to this play down at the Barrow Street Theater. It was pretty close to NYU.

So we get down there and she’s like “I want a Starbucks!” and we go in and the line is crazy long and she’s like “Oh, well, never mind then.” And I’m like “I want to go into GameStop!” and she…doesn’t want to obviously but I say I just want to run in and look for something (see if they have any Ace Attorney anything [they did not]) and she’s clearly uninterested and doesn’t want to but can’t exactly say no because for crying out loud I’m 25 years old for chrissake I’ll go into GameStop if I want to, I even tell her I’ll meet her at the theater if she wants but somehow that gets shut down.

Aaaaanyway, we go in, I look around, we go out, no harm done, and we go to the play and blah blah whatever (it was pretty funny, kinda fun).

Tonight we’re sitting around watching the latest “Alpha House,” and it ends, and I swear to god I’m the only one who knows how to use the television so I turn it off and exit the program and all that, and she starts telling Dad about how we went into GameStop yesterday and she saw on this big screen in there these hyper-realistic graphics for this game (I dunno, Call of Duty or something) and it’s really disturbing to her that all these kids get into these games and think they’re real, and Dad’s like “And it keeps them from interacting with real people,” and she’s like “It’s no wonder we have all these problems [in society/the world/probably thinking about school shootings and shit],” I just.

I can’t.

I cannot.


Hello Internet.

How ya been.


puella magi madoka magica


I am writing the notorious cheesy Christmas fanfic!

Question: How can you be writing a notorious fanfic? Doesn’t it have to already be written to acquire that status?

I guess maybe you’re just…extremely full of yourself?

Ahaha her blog title is “Insert Creative Title Here.” Jeez she must be like thirteen.

they say i’ll be okay

See, on the one hand, I agree with this, because it’s true that the school system in America places way, way too much importance on grades.

But on the other hand, I think students (good ones, anyway) really do value learning, but because they don’t have the power to rebel again the school system in a way that will likely affect any real change, they resort to cheating so they can get survive the school system. And then learning happens elsewhere.

The biggest problem here is that so much learning is supposed to be done in school, but since students have to focus so much on getting good grades, learning becomes a lot harder and much of it has to be done elsewhere. But when students have to spend so much time and energy on getting good grades, there isn’t a lot of time to go elsewhere and learn.

global trade

I’m so conflicted.

Keanu Reeves is a terrible actor in everything I’ve ever seen him in.

But I’m watching his interview on the Colbert Report and he seems like such a cool guy.

What the fuck dude.



A feminist and an anti-feminist walk into a bar. They sit down and have a drink together because they’re adults who don’t let personal views effect their decisions on who they should or should not associate with.

Like I know that I’m supposed to be all outraged about the notion that anyone’s anti-feminism could be acceptable to anyone ever but all I can see every time I read this is “effect.”

Should be “affect.”

Your argument is invalid.

bold nature

Note to self: Donated $65 to Mercy Corps via The Speed Gamers. Pilfer $65 from mom’s wallet.

Note to self: They pronounced it “Dee-vie,” like “Levi’s.” (Instead of “Devvy.”) Kind of tempted to make another donation to correct them, but not that badly.

shikeisyu 042

I can’t figure out whether David knows how much bullshit he’s shoveling from time to time or if he’s genuinely unaware.

Of course I’m thinking right now of his assurance to me at the beginning of the semester that working at NYUCOD was “rewarding” or something, even though it sounds like a weird fit (which it is).

Also wait a second, about two minutes ago he said, and I quote, “SSI, you know, social security insurance,” and just now he said, and I quote, “SSI, you guys know what SSI is?”

Oh my god what the fuck is wrong with him. What an asshole.

Also also also, guess what.

Cigarette morning.

Total shocker.