how to install photoshop brushes

What is “seven point billion dollars,” exactly?

Ugh, I forgot how much David bugs the hell out of me.


pikmin 3

“I think you should be responsible for this,” Dad says, handing me a photocopy of my tuition bill for this semester at NYU as I pause the YouTube I’m watching of a video gaming marathon and click off the tumblr page I’m obsessively refreshing of Johnlock tumblr posts and ignore the Khan Academy page I’m studying of 7th grade maths and put down the takeout container I’m eating out of and remember that oh yeah I’m supposed to be a fucking adult by now I wonder what happened.

a sudden throw

I think Mom has a powerful “no homo” filter locked over her brain.

She watched “A Study in Pink” and I told her that most people’s first reaction to the series is that John and Sherlock are going to be a couple, and she got the most skeptical and baffled expression on her face. Then she basically accused me of “looking for it,” i.e., “would someone see it who wasn’t looking for it.”

JFC mother I am capable of viewing platonic male friendships without wanting to see them pairing off. Just not this one.

I’m hoping that by the end of S3, she’ll at least be less repulsed by the thought.

check the floorboards

So back in December at some point, NYU (“Marilyn McMillan, Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Information Technology Officer“) posted “A Note On Illegal Downloading” that’s all like “You wouldn’t steal a CD from a music store, would you? Because that would be illegal, you know? And you’re a good person, right? And you wouldn’t do something illegal like steal a CD from a music store, because that’s bad, but when you pirate music that’s basically what you’re doing so stop doing that you person doing a bad thing!”

And I’m just like oh, please, if I had the confidence in myself that I could get away with stealing a CD or a DVD or whatever from Best Buy, I would totally do it. This is just faster, easier, and a lot more subtle. And more precise, like, I can download the songs that I want without needing the entire CD, plus if I decide I don’t like something I can just get rid of it and I won’t have wasted $11.65 or whatever. And this way I can watch movies that I may or may not like without worrying about buying a ticket and suffering through all the assholes in the theater. Not to mention, the outrageous prices you charge for textbooks and you expect me not to try to torrent them? Are you fucking nuts?

(Also did you know that uni in England is about half as expensive as it is in America, and they think it’s fucking crazy expensive over there? They must think we’re out of our minds.)



Babe, they are fangirls just like you or me. They are sitting at computers with messy hair, probably not wearing pants, they have crumbs on their shirts, and they’re emotional wrecks over fictional characters.

Johnlockers are just the same as everyone else in this fandom, it’s only that sometimes a few of them get way too proprietary about the characters and act like assholes.

Excuse you, I’m wearing black slacks, a black button-down, very nice boots, and have my hair pinned up, thanks very much. And a lot of us use e-readers.

Fuckin’ stereotypes.



Edit: For a site that is seemingly so accepting of varying sexualities across the spectrum, is it possible that maybe, just maybe, sherlock is non-sexual (or whatever the actual term for it is) and he is just not attracted to males or females or anything at all?

Okay, first of all, I’m pretty sure everyone who knows from shit knows that tumblr isn’t as accepting as it claims to be. So just, you know, shut up and accept it.

Second, I think that when you don’t know (and don’t bother to look up) (and don’t bother to look up for an edit to an original post, meaning it’s been a while and you had the time) the term “asexual,” which is a pretty common term (more so than demisexual, for sure), you lose about 83% of your arguing credentials, so, you know, shut up and go away.