Edit: For a site that is seemingly so accepting of varying sexualities across the spectrum, is it possible that maybe, just maybe, sherlock is non-sexual (or whatever the actual term for it is) and he is just not attracted to males or females or anything at all?

Okay, first of all, I’m pretty sure everyone who knows from shit knows that tumblr isn’t as accepting as it claims to be. So just, you know, shut up and accept it.

Second, I think that when you don’t know (and don’t bother to look up) (and don’t bother to look up for an edit to an original post, meaning it’s been a while and you had the time) the term “asexual,” which is a pretty common term (more so than demisexual, for sure), you lose about 83% of your arguing credentials, so, you know, shut up and go away.


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