check the floorboards

So back in December at some point, NYU (“Marilyn McMillan, Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Information Technology Officer“) posted “A Note On Illegal Downloading” that’s all like “You wouldn’t steal a CD from a music store, would you? Because that would be illegal, you know? And you’re a good person, right? And you wouldn’t do something illegal like steal a CD from a music store, because that’s bad, but when you pirate music that’s basically what you’re doing so stop doing that you person doing a bad thing!”

And I’m just like oh, please, if I had the confidence in myself that I could get away with stealing a CD or a DVD or whatever from Best Buy, I would totally do it. This is just faster, easier, and a lot more subtle. And more precise, like, I can download the songs that I want without needing the entire CD, plus if I decide I don’t like something I can just get rid of it and I won’t have wasted $11.65 or whatever. And this way I can watch movies that I may or may not like without worrying about buying a ticket and suffering through all the assholes in the theater. Not to mention, the outrageous prices you charge for textbooks and you expect me not to try to torrent them? Are you fucking nuts?

(Also did you know that uni in England is about half as expensive as it is in America, and they think it’s fucking crazy expensive over there? They must think we’re out of our minds.)


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