So what did we learn this week in Human Behavior?

We learned about the Kinsey Scale!

And what did we learn in Social Work Research?

We learned the difference between correlation and causation!

Jesus fucking Christ.


So I rush beta’d a fic last night for this girl, and she was really nice about it, very appreciative, but then I found it this morning on tumblr and AO3 and it’s been a while but I forgot how shitty it feels not to be credited for your work.

franklin as civic leader

I hate the sound of humming. Hate it. All the time. Whistling too.

Doina hasn’t made a good impression on me yet. Aside from the humming and the whistling (attempting to drown them out with Sherlock Series 3 OST [kind of working but not really (damn my superhuman hearing)]), and aside from breaking that photo frame last time she was here, she keeps rearranging my shit. You don’t fuck with the stuff on a person’s desk. You just don’t. And you sure don’t reorganize a girl’s hairbrushes. Also all the stuff I keep on the floor next to my desk is on the floor next to my desk because that is where I want it. It is the opposite of helpful to put it on my bookcase.

Also, and this one may require some further examination, what did she just put in the dryer? Is it our laundry, in which case, why is she doing our laundry and she should definitely not be doing our laundry, and if not, that must mean it’s her laundry, in which case, what needs to be dried and why and did it become wet here and if so what is going on? I will be filing a full report. Semi-full. Full enough to match up with the implication that I got home around 3:30.

ETA: Semi-full report went unnoticed. Well, Mom didn’t seem too bothered by it. I’m still a little irked.

Oh my god I’m clearly home why did she just lock the door.