center of the universe

I’m torn.

I’ve been helping Désirée out with her fic, doing the beta and the edits and all, and although it certainly isn’t the biggest or the hardest project I’ve ever undertaken, it’s had its fair share of trials and it’s not the most fun I’ve had working on a story.

She just posted it to AO3 with the author note, among other drivel: “- I mostly want to thank Sarah who’s been helping me out since the first day. -”

And I’m like…

I knew her boyfriend was helping her out, so that wouldn’t have surprised me, but who is “Sarah”? I even word-searched the document for my name and, you guessed it, nothing there.

I can’t say I want to be affiliated with this story, per se, because it’s Johnlock but it’s not something I would seek out or read on my own, but…still.

So far, the Sherlock fandom on the whole has been the worst about acknowledging beta readers of any fandom I’ve ever beta read in. YYH had its missteps, and Supernatural had a few, but I think this is the second Sherlock fic I’ve had a role in and also the second to not mention me at all.

You know what, I don’t need this kind of crap.


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