geothermal escapism

when someone tumblr-famous posts three lines of vague indication that they’re feeling a little blue:

7k notes of support and condolences and can-i-help and *hugs* and you-know-we-love-you etc. etc. etc.

when i post that i feel like i’m about to cry for no reason at all and it won’t go away and i want the world to stop:

zero response


being a member of fandom, a member of tumblr, which is supposed to be such an accepting place where people support each other and buttress one another in hours of need, really only helps if you’re popular. or very, very lucky, i.e., the right person is online at the right time and happens to see your post just as it goes up.

basically just like real life. which is what i’m trying to escape by going on tumblr.



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