these scars are just a trace

pettiness count

anna: 1-6

brontë just posted a bunch of screencaps from a skype conversation between her and like four (or six, it’s hard to tell) of her friends, the little babysitters’ club that’s formed between the lot of them who exchange sherlock theories and freak out about martin freeman being attractive and having a beard and all that. anyway, i follow her and a few of the others because i like to keep on top of sherlock news and art and so on, and if i could cut out all their inane chatter about being besties and teaming up to see “richard iii” in london and self-congratulations for every feminist rhetoric they espouse and every pro-lgbtq argument they bellow, i would, but their tagging is too inconsistent.

and now, this:

not a single one of them is remotely attractive.

i’m rather pleased.


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