black magic peanut butter

notes to self:

  • never offer your services as a beta reader, no matter how tempted or how harmless it seems
  • never reblog brontë‘s posts (go to the source if possible, or, if she is the source, ignore them altogether; something more interesting will come along later)
  • (i don’t care how flattered she is that someone drew a picture of her, brontë‘s new icon is ugly as fuck)
  • never respond to the posts of or interact in any way with brontë, emily, nicole, jess, kelley, grace, ando, ashleigh, heather, etc.
  • never post a selfie
  • live in the bubble
  • love the bubble
  • protect the bubble
  • decorate the bubble
  • there is anime in the bubble
  • there is no shingeki no kyojin in the bubble (standing long-term policy)
  • the world outside of sherlock exists within the bubble
  • the bubble is good

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