chronicles of a fallen love

this is actually really tacky edging into tasteless.

so these kids are playing around at how obviously bisexual john watson is, and people need to shut up and accept it, and that’s fine and all if they want to chatter about that to each other, but here’s the thing: there is an actual scrolling update on the bottom of this poorly edited screenshot which reads “U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords was among at least 12 people shot at a Safeway.”

and you all want to make this about john watson being (allegedly) bisexual.

seriously guys, you could’ve found a better (re: plainer) screenshot.

and while i’m at it, yesterday (and this morning) they were all off on some fake argument about vegetarian!john or something? i really didn’t pay attention, blocking all the posts the moment i saw them, but it did annoy me. i mean it actually annoyed me. i’m vegetarian (basically) by choice, obviously, and i certainly never, ever try to influence anyone else’s eating habits based on my own, but i’m still hesitant to bring it up to people unless i read an “all clear” from their behavior and actions beforehand because there’s a lot of stigma attached to it. i mean, asexual biromanticism i’ll defend until i’m blue in the face because it’s not my choice, but vegetarianism is. and i don’t like to see it being made fun of.

also i don’t care that brontë is vegetarian, that doesn’t make the conversation irritate me any less.


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