today i learned that i can’t talk to either of my parents about “my generation” feeling fucked over by “their generation.” because the cost of living is apparently improving remarkably since the bush era, and the job market is recovering, and we may not have had the internet from birth but we’re all pretty tech-savvy (more than most of them, anyway), and we should all pursue what makes us happy and fuck the economy because if you love what you do then it doesn’t matter how much money you’re making.

and i already knew this but it bears repeating i guess that i can’t discuss the failing school system with anyone in my family, especially uncle stuart, because just saying that kids are terrified of failure and trying to kill themselves and becoming depressed and developing anxiety because of bad grades and high expectations doesn’t mean much because “well in my experience things are in fact not that bad so you must be wrong and your reporting is wrong and that’s cute but you’re wrong” and fuck you.


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