it’s not what you painted in my head

my mother is quite a lot like her mother.

i don’t know how she would react if i were to bring that up to her; i’m speaking mostly in…i would call them unflattering terms. at least, they aren’t traits i would want attributed to me.

specifically i’m thinking of her tendency to profusely swear and then exaggeratedly whine and whimper when she hurts herself in some minor way (e.g., stubbing her toe, accidentally touching a hot toaster, etc.) (i.e., draw attention to herself and attempt to elicit pity and/or sympathy), her desire for (edging into insistence upon) gifts for various holidays (treating them as a prerequisite, or a given, without any input; re: “I haven’t heard you mention anything you want” “Well you’ll just have to get creative,” which is quite unappealing and feels a little spoiled), her passive aggressiveness (occasionally), and her general stubbornness (especially involving remembered events, i.e., being unwilling to admit that she may be remembering an event wrongly until it is unequivocally demonstrated to be so).

fortunately she seems pretty amenable to taking her various medications, so i don’t think that will be a concern later on. but i don’t especially look forward to finding out.


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