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Just read about 60% of The Succinct Bucket List Corollary (that sounds like the title of an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”) by OpalJade… The UN sounds familiar, I have a feeling I’ve read and been unimpressed by something of hers before but I don’t recognize the titles of any of her other works.

Anyway, the point is that the story is cute but the characterization isn’t very good, so I read the first chapter and then skipped right to the end of the second; it loses steam right quick, good thing the chapters aren’t super long. But the real point is that Sherlock makes a bucket list:

Travel to Egypt and solve great pyramid conundrum (i don’t even know what this is)
Raise bees (yeah, that’s legit)
Expedition to the Amazon (find lost city Z) (not totally convinced this is a real place)
Finish proof of Riemann Hypothesis (share profit with JW) (no submitted proofs have yet been accepted as correct)
Solve the Black Dahlia Murder (a real thing that really is unsolved at present)
Langley, Virginia; decode the 4th Kryptos inscription (a real thing that really is unsolved at present)
Walk along ‘Severed Foot Beach’ in British Columbia. (to figure out why severed feet consistently float ashore. Possibly keep one for myself.) (not a mystery)

My biggest irritation with this list, aside from the fact that most of the items are random and pointless (e.g., the great pyramid conundrum, if it’s what I think it is, is really an archaeological concern that has nothing to do with crime solving, and the Lost City of Z is probably fictional), is that “Severed Foot Beach” is more like the shore along the Georgia Strait, and it’s not a mystery at all; the feet detach from the bodies they come from due to decomposition and are largely attributed to suicides. It’s been established for at least four years and isn’t a phenomena exclusive to that area; modern sneakers with considerable air content lead to this occurring a lot more often than it would have in “the old days.”

I think the whole story just feels really lazy.


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