bought some new bras yesterday! plus underwear and socks, the bill totaled…oh god, $250, but man, these bras are amazing. in that they fit. like, properly. i’m very excited. uh. happy birth…month?

Right, moving on, the latest exhibit in our cavalcade of whimsy: Uphill by scullyseviltwin (I could have sworn she was a good bet). Another one that starts off…maybe “strong” is too, er, strong of a word, but it starts off not too bad, at least. I mean I got all the way to Chapter 12, I think, before I realized what a sloppy piece it is. Moriarty is terrible. I don’t mean he’s a terrible person, which, in the context of the narrative, I believe he’s supposed to be; I mean he is written terribly. I don’t even care that he’s putting John and Sherlock in all this danger (I think; he’s got some kind of underground trades plot going on with illegal ski wax?), or that he’s playing Moran (who’s a hulking brainless bodyguard and I think under the impression that he and Moriarty are a couple) like a cheap pianola, or that he’s Sherlock’s skiing rival (ooh manufactured tension). He comes off like a joke, a really annoying joke, and I couldn’t take him seriously at all. (Thank god Molly isn’t written as a sniveling plot device, though. She’s quite competent, even if she does get drunk and emotional at the party after Sherlock wins.)

Also the runs themselves are super boring. I think the author was trying to capture the adrenaline of the moment(s) and the power of this being Sherlock’s last event before retirement, but I skimmed through those things like a sex scene. In that I did not read them. Because they were so boring and melodramatic.

Also, I know this is a sports story, and it’s not at all surprising that Sherlock wins the gold, but seriously he skis I think two or three days after having been badly beaten and briefly hospitalized, and his foot is fractured or something and his ribs are bruised and he’s not in a good way, and not only is this permitted by the IOC and his team and all that, but he wins Olympic gold? I mean. Gold? Not only that but his first gold? Stretching the bounds of credibility to the point of breaking there, kiddo. And come to think of it, the story up to that point hadn’t really made a huge deal of Sherlock wanting the gold. I mean yeah he wants to beat Moriarty, and he wants to get in a good race and go out on a high note, but a lot of it is just “this is my last Olympics ever, better make it a good one,” without actually making the pomp and circumstance of it feel too important. There’s way more focus on his blossoming relationship with John (which moves as rapidly as every other sports!Sherlock story I’ve ever read) and the two of them figuring out Moriarty’s scheme and then dismantling it.

Also, in the last four chapters or so, suddenly everyone is “peeling” their eyes open. So, you know. Ew.


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