place of shadows

August 27th 2015, 1:42 pm · 10 minutes ago

I just want to make the world happy!

Maybe it would help if you weren’t so fucking sanctimonious. (Yup, I figured out why she gets so under my skin and that’s the answer.

(Also I’ve come to realize that I don’t actually love her art style; she’s pretty good, I guess, and I think I’m seduced by the fact that her finished pieces are pretty clean, but when she draws hands holding things [or clutching shoulders or the backs of heads], it has that same effect as 3D art from the 2000s where you don’t get a good sense of grip. And her stuff lacks the graceful sense of flow my favorite artists tend to favor.)

Aaaaand it only took 15 comments for someone (theconsultingredhead) to chime in: You definitely make me happy with your amazing art and positive personality!

Yes, I was wondering when someone would leap to her defense against…herself.

ETA: So I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but apparently it’s something to do with other bloggers blocking her and somehow being offended by things she’s said or done (possibly in relation to defending other bloggers, such as archia), and now she’s taking some Mental Health Time Off to regroup and hopefully realize that it’s not her fucking job to save the world from assholes, and not everybody likes her and there’s nothing she can do about it, and honest to god being blocked is not that big a deal. Seriously, put on your big girl pants and get over yourself.

ETA: “I would like to say, before I issue a formal apology, that I now truly understand where people are coming from who were upset with me, and I’d like to thank those that kindly pointed out the problem, because I tend to avoid drama and the discourse is largely unfamiliar to me as someone who has to stay away from that kind of thing.”

Okay, so this is a big overblown case of “Why are people being mean to me, what do you mean there’s someone who doesn’t like me,” because she usually flees the opposite direction when shit starts going down. Life Lesson #534932: Face your problems and learn to deal with them, and their fallout. A.K.A., watch The Lion King again. Empathize with Simba.

ETA: So apparently Dan has radically changed his personality since he and Jill had their bratty little kid and now he’s super stubborn as opposed to the laid-back, easygoing guy she wanted and thought she was marrying. Hm, who was it again who said right off that she didn’t like him? And everyone was all “Give him a chance, don’t be such a little shit”? And she was all “I’ll be cordial but don’t ask me to enjoy spending time with him because he bugs me”? Oh my god that’s right it was me. And, seriously, they’re doing a piss-poor job of raising that demon spawn. It’s all “Julia, don’t watch those videos, okay?” “No!” *huff sigh ugh* Zero follow through. Zero consequences. She’s gonna be so spoiled and entitled and obnoxious, I can see it now.



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