September 14th 2015, 3:48 pm · 3 hours ago

Illustrating a scene from Uphill. If you haven’t read this fic yet, please do so! It’s fantastic!

I love it when people I don’t like have terrible and very wrong opinions about things that objectively suck.

ETA: The final version is pretty close to the epitome of what I was saying about her art lacking grace; John is supposed to be clapping for Sherlock but he looks more like a priest out of some B-grade horror movie trying to solicit Sherlock to join his demonic cult. Oh oh, and then more recently she did this retirementlock thing where (a) Sherlock is in a wheelchair (I do not approve) and (b) the proportions are absolute shite. Sherlock has teeny tiny feet and John’s much-too-large head looks like it was stuck on his body as an afterthought.

ETA: What the crap is this? I mean the first one is fine (well, John is okay, Sherlock’s mouth is a little wonky), but the second one with the kiss… Their mouths are like—I don’t even know, they look like tiny little inverted beaks.

ETA: Once more, for the people in the back: Two Two One Bravo Baker is sooooo boring. And sooooo long. And so boring.


ETA: I’m actually feeling even more super extra petty and snobbish than I thought I was, so here it goes: This is Misha’s summary of this stupid fic in her rec of it and I want to point out why it’s awful and wrong.

There is a sense of finality and awe as I type this review. 100k+ words, and I’ve just gone through it in just under five hours. It took me I think a week and a half. The intensity. I can’t describe it. Honestly, my only regret about this one is not slowing down and taking more time to enjoy it (I read a lot of fanfic; now, I rec it. So, 100k+ ones take some preparation to delve into). Au contraire, I would’ve loved to be able to blast through this piece of crap, but I couldn’t keep my eyes focused long enough. This was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I honestly don’t even know what to do with myself right now. This author has legitimately created an entire verse. If you haven’t read this, I’m not joking, drop everything and read it now. Don’t do it, child. The detail of it is astounding. This author has done his/her homework. I concede this is true. The subtlety of the plot is unbelievable. Everything from the plot twists to the small, recurring little things (like John’s “Let’s roll”, things like that) was beautifully plotted and thought-out. For fuck’s sake, that’s just consistent characterization. Every author should do that all the time. Just a suggestion: Read the comments on this fic, or at least the most recent ones (there’s honestly too many to go through). It helps you notice a lot of amazing, subtle things. And wow. This plot is a monster. It’s huge, it’s complex, and it’s brilliant. Is it? I wasn’t able to focus my attention well to keep track. The arc of this; just wow. It’s worthy of any writer today. Because I was reading so quickly, I sometimes had trouble keeping up with it; ah, well, that only makes it perfect re-read material. It’s actually just brilliant though. The writing itself. The writing itself is dreadful, what are you talking about. Wow. At first, I was hesitant. I thought, why is this fic even so famous? I don’t know. But after one chapter, I was hooked. You really get into the verse, and you can tell that the author is getting more and more involved too. The imagery is superb, the detail, the subtlety, everything. And the characterization. I cannot stress enough how much I love this author’s Mycroft. Beautiful. The little bit I managed to pay attention to found him unsympathetic and underdeveloped. Sherlock and John were perfect, of course (in all their BAMF glory). This author creates several OC’s. I’m going to warn you. They are beautiful, wonderful, perfect, original characters that you will fall in love with. I think most of them died and I literally did not care at all. Absolutely brilliant. OCs are not something I usually like in a fic; here, I don’t think I would’ve loved the story nearly as much without them. I would’ve loved it all the more. And finally, the Johnlock. At first, I just… I definitely wondered about them. Their relationship was fast, very fast, and I didn’t feel it. Oh my god me neither! But by the time i realized that this author had made them completely and utterly in love with each other, in a perfect, realistic, plausible way, I hadn’t even noticed the transition. And that, is how you write romance. Absolute perfection. The transition was subtle, and that made it perfect. No, no, it’s not. It went from zero to 60 within about an hour of their meeting each other for practically no reason except that John behaves in a way Sherlock can interact with and then suddenly they’re so head-over-heels that they can’t spend time apart and have sex pretty much whenever and wherever they can. What the fuck. Seriously, there’s just everything in this fic. Be warned for a lot of angst and feels and a lot of smut. This is actually my favorite AU, and very likely my new favorite fanfic (did it just beat AOTW? I think so). Seriously, her favorite fic is AOTW? Her favorite? Words cannot express how amazing this is. Chapters 14 and 15, I just. This actually had me rocking back and forth in my chair. Physically rocking back and forth. Yes to tears, yes to fangirl squees, yes to everything in this one. It just all ties in so perfectly. There’s references to ACD, and the way everything comes together… *fangirls even more*. I’ll stop this now, because I’m just rambling, but honestly. If you only read one more fanfic in the rest of your life, make it this one. Do not do this. Bravo! (Yes. Bad pun intended). MATURE READERS for smut. So much smut.