perfect timing

i’m watching the disintegration of one of kelley’s friendships via her tumblr updates and it is fascinating the degree to which people swoop to her support over this. evidently it was some guy she had a crush on, but she’s aromantic or something so having a crush on a guy was some big existential thing for her, and then she asked him out because she’s an independent woman (!) but he turned her down (‘atta boy). she wanted to stay friends but it’s too weird for him (understandable) and after awhile of waiting for him to come around or something she thinks the friendship is terminated and she asked people to rec fluffy fics for her to read. so now everyone is diving out of the woodwork to drop their recs and their well wishes and assure her she’s a sparkling unicorn princess who deserves all good things in this world, and i’m just like…welcome to earth.


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