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okay okay okay, i’ve gotten to the point of petty nitpicking and i don’t care, but here’s another thing about kelley that bugs the shit out of me: one of her favorite tags is “i laughed” after posts which…i suppose made her laugh. first of all, i cannot stress enough how much i do not care what makes her laugh and what doesn’t; i assume, because i am a fairly rational human person, that any humorous post she reblogs to her own page are ones which make her laugh, making the tag itself redundant. second, somehow it reads like a prompt for me to laugh as well, like “hey, here’s something funny, isn’t this funny? laugh with me at this funny thing!” so of course immediately i go “no…no, i don’t want to. also, shut your face.” because, you know, fuck you and don’t tell me what to do. plus i think only once, maybe twice, out of all the many, many posts with that tag have i spontaneously laughed upon seeing or reading the content, and it wasn’t uproarious or anything. just like “ha ha…ha, that was cute.”

feels like that episode of “seinfeld” (apparently called “the switch”) with the woman (sandy) who says “that’s funny” instead of actually laughing.


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