so i’m watching “jessica jones” on netflix because everyone’s like “you gotta! it’s marvel finally being feminist! all these great female characters it’s amazing omg!” it’s about as melodramatic and cheesy as i’d expect from marvel and the dialogue is mostly stupid; i’m mostly watching for david tennant and carrie-anne moss, and i don’t even really like their previous works, i just know they have chops. on that note, and this really is the point i wanted to make, i can’t decide if mike colter, who plays the male lead, is a ridiculously horrible actor or he’s just being a dude in a marvel piece and that’s why he sucks.

this show is super dumb.

ah, fuck, they just gave a bus a taxi cab license plate (four digits instead of five digits and a letter) and the driver, at the last stop, turned in his seat and said to what’s-his-face, luke, with actual sincerity: “sorry; this is the last stop.”


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