hands to myself


so apparently, verityburns and br0-harry were married until he died of cancer about two weeks ago. and like…her whole most recent tumblr post is about how bbc sherlock brought them together, and she got out of her toxic relationship with her husband who she hadn’t loved for the past 10 years because of him and their love for one another, and they spent the last year together getting married and then cramming as much adventure and passion into their remaining time as possible, and then he died and they were soulmates and now the air is thinner and stuff.

on the one hand, i guess i feel bad for her? kind of? except not really because i…don’t know them and i don’t really care. on the other, and this is the surprising thing, i do feel a little bad about all the nasty things i’ve said about her writing. and the thing is i have no real reason to, because i still stand by all of them, but somehow the knowledge that her writing was the thing that first attracted his attention and ultimately brought them together is…confusing me, i guess.

ETA: i think the reason i was feeling so kind-of-not-exactly bad about all the crap i’ve said about her writing is that i was afraid (not realistically but in a paranoid sort of way) that of all times, now would be when someone would find this blog and see all the crap i’ve said about her (and others’) writing (and art) and get all “how can you say that her husband just died.” not regret for the action, fear of the possible repercussions. i think that’s sociopathic behavior?

anyway the thing i’ve found out based on all the divulging she’s done is that although i can’t figure out exactly how old she is, i do know now that verityburns is old enough to have a 10+ year marriage behind her and two children, the younger of whom is now i think 12 years old or thereabouts, maybe 13. based on the fact that she was raised to believe that divorce is intolerable when children are involved, i’m going to bet she didn’t have either child out of wedlock; now i don’t know how old her older son is, but assuming she finished college prior to marriage and childbearing, she’s at least 34. (i’m aware that those assumptions are lacking concrete evidence, but i’m making semi-reasonable guesses to support my conclusion.)

now, if i’m right, that means that those fics i so dislike were written by a woman at least 34 years old. my question is this:

why can’t these people write?

i mean, i tend to assume any truly shitty author is like, 15 years old at most, but to learn that so many of them are in their 20s-30s-40s is baffling to me. and then the popularity of these pieces is mindblowing. ffs what ever happened to discerning tastes? critical thinking and reasoning skills? what kind of education did these people have?

oh oh oh, and my usual kelley-related hyper judgmentalism:

Dec 21 ’15

Anon who just sent me a message. You don’t deserve to be acknowledged.

um…what do you call this, exactly? seriously kelley has this awful habit of getting on her high horse (i bet it’s a clydesdale) and broadcasting that she’s just gotten some anonymous hate or something that she’s very pointedly not responding to. every single fucking time i’m like hey, hey there sugar beet, if you were really ignoring them and not having an emotional reaction, you would be, guess what, ignoring them. chances are they’re tracking your blog, or at least aware of it for awhile, and even if you don’t name them or post the contents of their message, it’s still a shoutout.


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