before it rains

in case you needed a reminder (or a reason) to never discuss politics with mom.

she’s watching the meet the press round table from a few days ago, i think, and al sharpton is on (as well as some other people i don’t remember who fucking cares), and i’m on the sofa with my laptop ’cause i’ve been in there all day and we were just watching law and order svu, and she usually likes it when i’m in there while she’s watching tv (whether i’m watching or not), and sharpton starts talking (i think) and all of a sudden she’s like “i don’t like that he’s announced his support for bernie sanders, i don’t think that’s right.” something about how because he has his own television show he shouldn’t express any bias because he’s got a media platform, i forget how it was worded exactly.

like hell i’m gonna let that one go, so i stop whatever i’m doing and say “wait a second. so it’s okay that the new york times announced their support of hillary clinton, but he’s not allowed to support a specific candidate?” and she’s has this tiny little moment of consideration (i can just see the little wheels turning, “how am i gonna get out of this one”) before she says “yes,” because it’s the editors of the times who are supporting clinton, “it’s different.” (like hell.) so i try again, “so the editors of a major metropolitan newspaper are announcing that their media platform is unilaterally supporting hillary clinton, but a single person with his own television show announcing that he supports a specific candidate isn’t okay.” her scathing retort? “i just don’t think it’s right.”

your opinion? i agree.

then she gets all huffy like i’m the one being unreasonable.

yeah, that was my mistake for using logic. i forgot that such things have no place in political discourse.


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