bicycle safety camp

rather than message kelley that she’s wrong (as others have done, apparently this is a point of contention), i’m just going to sit here and enjoy the fact that her intransigence prompted her to publish a page of her comic with poor grammar.

march 26

Okay so like the text/texed thing.

I don’t know why ‘texted’ bothers me. I guess it’s like…

You wouldn’t say, “He hitted me.”

false analogy. the verb “hit” is irregular; a superior comparison would be “message,” as it is also both a noun and verb and has approximately the same meaning.

also she responded to a few of the messages correcting her by thanking the commenters for point out her mistake and saying she would fix it, and yet…the page remains unchanged.


also i just noticed she said “texed” instead of “texted.”



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