episode 15

i have this problem where as soon as i find out how old a fic author is (or some benchmark to indicate their age range, at least) i become incredulous at the quality of their writing. just because usually the ones who give some indicator are in their 30s, more or less. like verityburns, or this lady kitty howell on ffn (whose age indicator is that she has a kid who was born probably around july 2015). kitty’s actually not terrible, but the story of hers i’m reading, barely legal, is a wip clocking in at 22 chapter so far; i moved through the first chapter pretty easily but then at the second, i noticed a lot of little things, typos and such, that are easy enough to overlook i suppose but i also find that the story isn’t exactly blazing along at the speed of light. maybe i’ll skip ahead a few chapters.

eta: nah, fuck it, this crap isn’t worth my time.

anyway my point is that tons of people suck at their hobbies, and tons of people suck at writing, regardless of their age or education level, so why am i surprised when a person whose writing i find to be sub-par turns out to be old enough to be a parent? (come to that, why does it become somehow more surprising that their writing sucks when i find out that they are a parent? the two are utterly unrelated.)


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